Single Use Plastics

-381 million tons of plastic produced 2017. (thats 837,756,596,303 pounds of plastic annually) -Only 9% all plastic been recycled. -1 million marine animals killed annually by plastic
381 million tons of plastic was produced in 2017. and yet only 9% Of all the worlds plastic has ever been recycled. 1 million marine animals are killed annually due to entanglement and ingestion and now reports are saying that 70% of all fish have ingested plastic...and we ingest fish... we’re slowly poisoning ourselves and our future.
The good news is you and I can be part of the solution! Challenge yourself and others to minimize plastic use and you might be surprised how many alternatives already exist. For example, when shopping, bring your own reusable bags, don’t use plastic bags for fruits and vegetables, or plastic bottles for drinking, drink from reusable canisters...encourage your local stores to stop using so much plastic and tell your local restaurants to switch to biodegradable material.